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What will the game industry look like in 5 years? (Sponsored) – WGB, Home of GREAT reviews

The gaming industry is constantly evolving. Every few years we see new technological improvements that make the game more impressive and easier to craft. Not only that but as our society becomes increasingly dependent on technology and the power of online media consumption improves, we see the gaming industry adapt to these changes as well.

The constant and dynamic change of the gaming industry makes it impossible to predict exactly what will happen in the next few years, but we can still make a sound prediction of what will happen next. change and how it changes. Here are some of our predictions.

Game subscription service will be more powerful than ever

The game is currently going through the same streaming transition as movies and TV over the past few decades. Netflix started as a DVD rental companylike Blockbuster, before they took the lead in online subscription-based streaming services and ditched physical rentals altogether.

While the games industry has certainly left physical CDs behind years ago in exchange for online stores like Steam, it took much longer for the ‘Netflix-esque’ game service to be based on registration became popular. This is starting to change, though. With the growing popularity of a number of game subscription services like Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, Nintendo Switch Online, EA Play, and Apple Arcade, we can expect more and more investment in this area. as companies compete to be the ‘Netflix of games”.

The Continuity of VR

Virtual reality games continue to make a name for themselves in the industry. In particular, multiplayer group games like VRChat and Between Us VR have been further popularized by streamers around the world.

This evolution goes beyond playing games to making them. VR game development Processes and technologies are constantly improving as tech companies compete to improve the hardware and software behind virtual reality experiences, especially given the potential of VR outside of games. VR is still here and will likely be even bigger today.

Esports may struggle to find its feet

E-sports is in a very unique position at the moment, with both positives and negatives putting its fate in balance. The International Olympic Committee has announced a Official esports series in 2023, served as a major endorsement for the future of e-sports as they saw representatives take part in one of the world’s oldest sporting events. That said, there has been a lot of concern around which games will be introduced at the Olympics, as the oldest e-sports titles have been overlooked and missed. This could risk a poor performance at the event, which could do more harm to eSports than good.

On top of that, the e-sports industry is also currently experiencing a lot of investor doubts. Several major esports organizations are terminating positions and withdrawing from the field, likely due to a reduction in sponsors and investors. E-sports has always been an expensive business, and without this support it can be difficult to establish itself for long-term success.

The Future of NFT and Blockchain Looks Dirty

Undoubtedly, NFT is a controversial topic among gamers. As a community, most players have a negative view of blockchain related products and games. Even so, there are rumors that some major publishers and development studios are considering combining games and NFTs together.

This skepticism towards blockchain is only underscored by the recent crash of FTX and the drop in popularity of the cryptocurrency worldwide, suggesting that the NFT and blockchain will struggle to find a niche. Intelligence is welcome in the game, even with large organizations interested. Whether the NFTs will play any role in the future of the game is uncertain, but their current outlook looks dire based on player attitudes and behavior.

While these four predictions are by no means guaranteed, it will be interesting to reflect on them over the next five years and see how much has changed. There are bound to be new innovations that will shake the industry in ways we can’t even imagine, especially with the advent of AI technology that is starting to reshape the way we work.

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