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What do Darktide’s weapon symbols mean?

One thing that frustrated many players in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide beta was not knowing exactly what the weapon looked like before it was in our hands. When you see a new autogun or sword in the arsenal, there are a few words to sum up its strengths, such as Mobility or High Power, a multitude of bars for attributes. counts as damage and reload speed, then a trio of symbols as unfathomable as any of the Chaos runes painted on the walls of Tertium Hive. It’s hard to know what you’re buying.

While there’s no hover text on these icons in the beta, press the V key while you’re in the menu to test weapons and you’ll bring up an info screen providing their names, if not is description. (Melee weapon combo attacks are also shown here.) Some are simple enough, and some will be familiar to those who’ve played Fatshark’s previous Warhammer game, Vermintide 2. Others still hard to understand. I spent some time in the Meat Grinder test room figuring out what all the weapon symbols and stats mean.

Ranged weapon symbol

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