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Top 5 Best Official Lightsabers

The top lightsabers available on the market come in a variety of styles and costs. This is great news for all generations of Star Wars fans. While many of us are familiar with ‘pop-up’ toys for kids, an older fan base means you can invest significant amounts of money in movie copies or even even swords with advanced technology and suitable for practice. There are many toys for children and adults.

Modern toys for lightsabers often come with beautiful lighting effects and as the series evolves and more characters are added and introduced, we have more choices than ever in terms of equipment. the design and color of the sword. Some sets also feature mix and match elements to allow kids to create individual designs without having to draw inspiration from any particular character.


Smaller builders often have to be aware of copyright when designing Star Wars character blades by adding a few minor design tweaks and name changes. There aren’t many official copies of the Lightsword on the market, and when products like the Black Series Force FX swords hit the market, they quickly sell out and then become hard to find at a reasonable cost. physical.

1. Galaxy’s Edge Legacy Lightsword

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The simplest replica lightsabers to locate are those from the successor to the Galaxy’s Edge Lightsword. They have officially licensed Disney products that can be used with swords purchased at Galaxy’s Edge Park. While it’s nice to pick one up from one of the theme parks, you can also buy them on Amazon and Walmart, though the blades are available in a separate package.

It is also possible to purchase a glowing blade on the internet, but this can be a problem due to its cost. However, the designs specifically for characters such as Kylo Ren Dary Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker and Dary differ only in the design of the hilt, making the process of purchasing swords much simpler when they are available.

2. The Black Series Luke Skywalker Force FX Lightaber

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Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber has been known throughout the franchise. It’s not surprising since it belongs not only to the original protagonist of the first trilogy but also one of the first lightsabers ever to hit the screen. The Black Series is a line of products designed by Hasbro to provide replicas of on-screen props, but it is still marketed as a children’s toy, meaning that it can be played with or used for conversations. duel.

This will show the effects of sound and light when it is pressed against the surface. And while this isn’t what everyone considers a “duels,” you can play with it without worrying about anything being grabbed.

3. Black Series Supreme Leader Kylo Ren Force FX Elite Lightaber

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You can love them or hate them. The sequel trilogy brought a whole new generation to the Star Wars universe and brought with it a whole new villain in the form of Kylo Ren. The legendary, medieval-themed lightsaber is depicted in the film with a hissing sound effect to symbolize the delicate lattice crystal housed within. This is beautifully recreated in this authentic prop toy from ZiaSabers.

80 LEDs provide:

  • Bright light.
  • A simple metal hilt.
  • The option changes to Battle FX for the combat sound and Molten FX to make it appear as if you’re melting around using the blade.

Apply it to the surface just like Kylo used in the series.

4. Black Series Blacksaber Force FX Lightsword

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The battery cannot be easily replaced in the event of a failure.

Movies aren’t the only Star Wars media to impress us and hearts, including the Emmy-winning Clone Wars series proving a particularly popular viewing experience for kids and adults (check out our list of the 10 most popular Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes). It first appeared in the animated series and was later featured on The Mandalorian, a live-action series on Disney Plus, so while the blade in question hasn’t appeared on television yet, it is still a famous and iconic lightsaber to Star Wars enthusiasts.

You will get a wide range of sound and lighting effects that work well in mimicking the classic design. Of course, the look is more like a real ninja. It was the weapon of choice for the Ninja during feudal Japan.

5. Hasbro Luke Skywalker Lightsword

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Did you know that only authorized partners can make an exact replica of the actual lightsaber? The Luke Skywalker Hasbro’s lightsaber might not be as impressive as the Neopixel sword or expensive replica from The Black clone series. Still, it’s the closest children’s toy can be to Luke Skywalkers’ iconic weapon replica.

The blade is not as elegant as the hilt. However, there should be another cool feature – this lightsaber is customizable using different blades in the Blade builder toy series made by Hasbro. This means you can do more than just a copy of Skywalker.


Light sabers from the Star Wars series are pure plasma swords capable of cutting through anything, but real-world swords are safer to handle. The color of the blade is determined by the lattice crystal that powers it. However, it can also be influenced by the user’s mindset. That means the lightsaber is completely personal to the user and very easy to distinguish from Darth Vader and Yoda corresponding blade.

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