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Test Drive: 2023 Toyota Sequoia Capstone | The Daily Drive | Consumer Guide® The Daily Drive

Toyota Sequoia Capstone 2023

Toyota Sequoia Capstone 2023 in White Chill

User guide Test drive

2023 Toyota Sequoia Capstone 4WD

Class: Large SUV

Passenger capacity: 7

Miles Driven: 200

Corporate Governance Report Card
Rooms and Facilities B+
Power and performance B+
match and finish B+
energy saving b
Value b
Scores in the report card are taken from the consensus of the test driver’s assessments. All classes are compared to other vehicles in the same class. The value type is for the specific trim level evaluated and may not reflect the Consumer Guide’s impressions of the entire product line.
Comfortable Big & Tall
Big guy One
Tall guy b
The Big & Tall comfort rating is for the front seats only. The “Big” rating is based on a male tester weighing approximately 350 pounds, the “Tall” rating is based on a 6’6″ tall male tester.
Engine Specifications 437 hp 3.4L
Engine type V6 . Hybrid Turbocharger
Transmission process 10-speed automatic transmission
Driver 4WD

Real-world fuel economy: 17.8 mpg

Driving mix: City 50%, highway 50%

EPA-estimated fuel economy: 22/19/20 (mpg city/highway/combined)

Fuel Type: regular gas

Cost: $78,300 (not including $1595 destination fee)

Options on test vehicle: Special color ($425), dash cam ($499), ball mount ($87)

Like a test: $80,906

Quick hits

Wonderful thing: Abundant power, spacious and comfortable cabin

Good: Large touch screen, simple control layout, solid feel

not so good: Arranging the cargo area is complicated, the itinerary is too sure

Tom calls for:

In a category of vehicles where every model is at least pretty good, it takes a little something extra to stand out. That’s especially true in the large SUV segment. Now in its third generation, the all-new redesigned 2023 Toyota Sequoia comes with two features that will help this large SUV capture the attention of shoppers: a new level of luxury trim and a powertrain. segment-specific hybrid powertrain. We’ll get to the powertrain a little later.

Toyota Sequoia Capstone 2023

Toyota Sequoia Capstone 2023

The new Sequoia is offered in five trim levels: entry-level SR5, Mid-Range Limited, Premium Platinum, Terrain-ready TRD Pro, and the new flagship Capstone. Note that although the Capstone is the most luxurious version of the Sequoia 2023, it is not the most expensive. That distinction goes to the TRD Pro, which costs $700 more than Capstone.

And, starting at $79,895, the Sequoia Capstone costs a little more than the Chevrolet Tahoe High Country and GMC Yukon Denali. Unlike the Chevy and GMC, or the Ford Expedition and the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, the Sequoia is only offered as a standard-length model, the overall length being only slightly shorter than other vehicles in the class. competition mentioned above. For details on the Sequoia lineup, See our First Look article here.

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Toyota Sequoia Capstone 2023

Toyota Sequoia Capstone 2023

Consumer Guide spent a week at the new Tundra Capstone and was largely impressed. However, we have a few complaints.

Let’s start inside. Though beautifully finished, the Capstone cabin is unlike the Lexus lighting, not quite. That said, there’s something about the way most Toyota interiors look so well put together. There’s a flair to the fit and finish that somehow assures us that the car or truck you’re sitting in will easily cover 200,000 miles. The Tundra Capstone Cabin feels the same way; it’s neat, well thought out, and feels appropriately upscale.

Toyota Sequoia Capstone 2023

Toyota Sequoia Capstone 2023

Like this driver has pointed out on Twitter, the new, large touchscreen display is not only easy to read, but all available space is used brilliantly. For example, the “media” screen shows an album cover or a large podcast logo, with all relevant program information available next to the image. It’s clean, it’s simple, it’s beautiful.

In terms of comfort, there’s plenty of room in the first and second rows, though 2rank row no longer slides forward and backward, but 3rd row does. For 3rank row, there’s a fair amount of legroom, but adults will want headroom. In addition, the “leg-forward” seating position in the rear seats can be tiring for larger people on long trips.

What’s new for 2023: Toyota

2023 Toyota Sequoia Capstone, 3rd row,

Toyota Sequoia Capstone 2023

And, here’s a pity: because of the hybrid powertrain—namely the battery—the 3rank-The seats do not fold flat to the floor. Instead, since the battery is under the load floor, the seat back simply folds down over the bottom of the seat. To compensate for this—kind of—Sequoia is equipped with an adjustable cargo shelf that can be moved to allow for a continuous loading floor. This looks like an unnecessary hassle and not something that buyers of $80,000 SUVs will want to deal with. This arrangement could prove to be a deal breaker for consumers looking to ship a lot of goods.

But about that powertrain…

Volkswagen launches new Scout EV brand

Cargo area, folding rear seats,

Toyota Sequoia Capstone 2023

Borrowed from the recently redesigned Tundra full-size pickup, Toyota’s i-Force Max engine offers more power and significantly better fuel economy than the previous-generation Sequoia. Paired exclusively with a 10-speed automatic transmission, the 3.4-liter, turbocharged, hybrid V6 produces a powerful 437 hp. While we fell short of the EPA’s combined 20 mpg estimate, our observed fuel economy of 17.8 mpg is about 15% better than what we reported in our review. The final price on the previous generation Sequoia was less powerful. It’s also better than what we’ve seen in competing SUVs.

Along the way, we found the Sequoia quite pleasant, but not quite as refined as other vehicles in this class. Most of us were disappointed but the amount of wind and road noise at highway speeds as well as the driving was too solid. There are no complaints about power, as the i-Force Max powertrain makes shifting and merging maneuvers easy. That said, we have observed a lot of cases of sudden downshifts during deceleration, which we assume are related to the hybrid battery regenerative system. While not harsh, the change is stark and somewhat at odds with Capstone’s mission of luxury.

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Toyota Sequoia Capstone 2023

Toyota Sequoia Capstone 2023

And while not quite as sporty, we found our test truck to be a proficient driver, with better handling and less roll in corners than other trucks. in this segment.

There are so few entries in this segment that serious shoppers must test drive all available trucks for themselves. We think the cargo area situation will be an issue for many shoppers, as will Toyota’s highway ride quality. But like the previous generation Sequoia, this latest example has a solid look and feel, and feels a bit sportier than the competition. Will the new Capstone trim level or hybrid powertrain give the Sequoia an edge in the segment? Maybe not, but they still keep Toyota’s biggest machine compelling enough to grab the attention of shoppers.

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Toyota Sequoia Capstone 2023

Toyota Sequoia Capstone 2023

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