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Resident Evil 4 remake review and the Game Boy games we want on Switch | HOLD Program

Thanks to a variety of illnesses, this week The Game Informer Show is about two people – The Marcus and Kyle will make an appearance, if you will. We discuss great things Resident Evil 4 remake and enlisted the help of the community to put together a list of the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games we wanted to play on the Switch. We also talk about our time with the Exoprimal beta, testing Wo Long’s abilities one last time, and Marcus talking about WWE 2K23 and Bayonetta Origins: Whatever Subtitles.

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Game information program is a weekly gaming podcast that covers the latest video game news, industry topics, exclusive reveals, and reviews. Join your normal server Alex Van Aken Every Thursday to chat about your favorite games – past and present – with Game Info staff, developers and special guests from all over the industry. Hear about Apple Podcasts, Spotifyor your favorite podcast app.

Jump to timestamp to get to a specific point of discussion:

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:03:27 – Resident Evil 4 remake review
00:16:06 – Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games we want on Switch
00:42:59 – Wo Long: Potential Fallen Dynasty Last Registered
00:48:01 – Foreign land
00:59:27 – WWE 2K23 Review
01:14:16 – Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon review
01:26:53 – Ending

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