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Noodle, TikTok’s No Bones Day pug, has died

noodles, the The famous TikTok pug sometimes has no bones, has died. The 14-year-old dog’s death was announced in tears TikTok is one minute long posted by its owner, Jonathan Graziano over the weekend.

“I’m sorry to share this, but Noodle passed yesterday,” says Graziano. “He’s at home, he’s in my arms, and this is so sad. It’s been incredibly difficult. It’s a day that I always knew would come but never thought would come, and although this is very sad but I wanted to let you know and I want to encourage you to congratulate him while we work through this sadness.”

Noodle became famous in 2021 thanks to a daily TikTok series posted by Graziano in which he picks up the pug and places it on its paw. If Noodles is still standing it is “Bone Day”, but if the old dog collapses it is considered “Boneless Day”.

Soon TikTok users start treat Noodle’s behavior as a prophecy for the upcoming date, like checking their horoscope. While they see Bone Day as potentially positive and productive, Boneless Day is understood to be potentially difficult.

“He has lived for 14 and a half years, about what you would expect a dog to live, and he has made millions happy,” says Graziano. “What a runaway. Thank you for loving him, thank you for hugging us and giving your dog a cheese ball tonight. But it must be fake.”

Graziano .’s TikTok account has accumulated 4.5 million followers interested in whether the old pug is shedding every day.

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