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Nicholas Pooran steps down as West Indies white-ball captain after disappointing T20 World Cup campaign

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Poor Nicholas resigned as the captain of the white ball of West Indiesafter they get out of the first round World Cup T20 2022. Pooran was appointed full-time white ball captain in May this year after Kieron Pollard retired from international cricket.

At the 2022 T20 World Cup, the West Indies failed to qualify for Super 12 after winning just one match in the group stage against the West Indies. The West Indies were stunned by Scotland leading to their elimination and had previously lost to Ireland.

Despite being placed in the same group as teams like Zimbabwe, Ireland and Scotland, the West Indies finished in 3rd place. bottom of the table.

Last year and earlier this year, Pooran led the West Indies without Kieron Pollard, winning the T20 International Series (T20I) against Australia at home (4-1). He was officially named captain of the West Indies Men’s white team in May of this year when Pollard stepped down. Overall, Pooran led the team in 17 One Day Internationals (ODI) and 23 T20I tournaments, scoring Series wins over the Netherlands (ODI 3-0) and Bangladesh (T20I 2-0).

“I have been thinking a lot about the captaincy since the big disappointment in the T20 World Cup. I have taken on this role with pride and dedication and have given it my all for the past year. “The T20 World Cup is something that cannot define us and I will gladly participate in the upcoming reviews. And while we are still a few months away from getting together as a team, I want to give CWI plenty of time to prepare for the games against South Africa in March and beyond.” Pooran stated in a statement released by Cricket West Indies.

He added, “This is not me giving up. I am still ambitious and still consider the captaincy of West Indies cricket an honor bestowed upon you. Without a doubt I remain fully committed to West Indies cricket and I look forward to offering my services as a senior player in a support role. Now by resigning as captain of the West Indies white team, I believe it is in the best interest of the team and for me personally, as I need to focus on what I can bring to the team as a player. how to be a player. I very much want us to be successful and the greatest value I can bring to the team is through focusing entirely on the role of scoring consistently at the key moments.”

“I am very grateful to CWI for the opportunity and faith that has given me and the support I have received from our devoted fans since taking on this role as well as my teammates. mine, who worked so hard. I know we have what it takes to take West Indies cricket forward and be proud.” he say.

CWI Cricket Director Jimmy Adams thanked Pooran for his time leading the two teams.

Adams said, “On behalf of CWI, I would like to thank Nicholas for his time leading our white teams. After speaking with him, I know he remains fully committed to West Indies cricket and I believe he has a big role to play in our future.”

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