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Kidney transplant for Lalu Prasad in Singapore today | India News

NEW DELHI: Supporters of RJD director Lalu Prasad prayed on Sunday for his kidney transplant that was scheduled at a hospital in Singapore on Monday, wishing him a successful surgery and a speedy recovery .
Second daughter of Lalu Rohini Acharya decided to donate one of her kidneys to him. Bihar CM was previously transferred on Sunday to the hospital where Rohini has also undergone preliminary tests.
In Patna, supporters holding pictures of Lalu and chanting mantras led by RJD lawmaker Ritlal Yadav performed havans at a festival. Potassium Temple. Similar scenes were also witnessed at the Maa Shitla Devi temple, where numerous RJD workers led by the patna youth wing chairman of the Abhishek Kumar Sajan party performed havans. Before the transplant, Rohini posted an emotional tweet. “Hamne Ishwar na dekha hai magar Ishwar ke roop me apne my dad dekha two.”

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