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Food is at the heart of any festive season, in everyone’s culture.

As for Thanksgiving in the United States, food plays a huge role in the history/lore of the holiday’s origins, along with the celebration of the festival today.

At the same time, at home and abroad, families’ finances will also play a central role in dinner-table conversations, shopping during the retail season known as “Black Friday” (which runs from long before Friday, November 25), and what is actually served on those tables.

Let’s connect some food, finance and health points today as we head into the holiday season, many of whom will be sharing this and in the coming weeks.

Financial security, health and food have been highlighted in a YouGov poll in April 2022 can provide our understanding of the relationship between these factors in people’s daily life.

The graph clearly illustrates the relationship between people’s perception of financial security and the various flows associated with healthy living. Of all the behaviors but one – “I don’t care about my health as much as I should” – more people consider themselves financially secure taking health-related actions than others. who do not feel financially secure.

Health participation is among financially secure consumers who:

  • Consider it important o physical activity in their spare time
  • Exercising to stay fit is important
  • Do whatever you can to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • I love to cook for myself and for others
  • Exercise at least once a week
  • Consider yourself healthy eaters
  • Believe that “you just need to be healthier to be happy”
  • Love serving organic and natural food to their family
  • Don’t shop at supermarkets if they don’t have fresh, high-quality food
  • Often choose diet or healthy versions of their favorite products, and
  • Willing to replace meat/dairy products with plant-based alternatives.

On the opposite end of the health spectrum, people who don’t consider themselves financially secure are less likely to count the calories they consume, take supplements to improve performance during exercise, try to hit the gym as often as possible, and avoid junk food, as well as discourage their family from consuming junk food.

“The particular evil is this: the less money you have, the less inclined you are to spend on healthy food,” wrote George Orwell in The Road to Wigan Pier, as quoted by YouGov analyst.

Health Populi hot spots: Frozen fruits and vegetables (FF&V) are an important and convenient source of nutritious food available to everyone to cook at home with a focus on healthy eating.

That is, if you have freezer space so you can store frozen foods.

American Institute of Frozen Food announced a study on FF&V in 2022, which considers usage and consumer expectations by people’s household income and SNAP eligibility.[Informationforthosewhodonotknowtheacronym“SNAP”itstandsfor[FYIforthosewhodonotknowthe“SNAP”acronymitstandsfor[Thôngtinchonhữngaichưabiếttừviếttắt“SNAP”nólàviếttắtcủa[FYIforthosewhodonotknowthe“SNAP”acronymitstandsforSupplemental Nutritional Assistance ProgramUS-funded food subsidies

In the wake of the pandemic, more and more FF&V consumers are expanding their home freezer capacity — one of many retail data points we were able to cite showing that people consider their homes to be the center of attention. medical to cook more from scratch or take care of health at home.

Greater freezer capacity goes hand in hand with the purchase of more frozen fruits and vegetables, AFFI found in its research: more than half of “core” FF&V consumers are as well as those in households. SNAP-eligible families will buy more frozen products if they have freezer space. But while 32% of core FF&V buyers have expanded their freezer space since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, only 19% of people in SNAP-eligible homes have done so.

Note that, compared to consumers in middle- and high-income households, fewer people in SNAP-eligible households look for nutritional value claims, benefit claims health products or products without artificial ingredients such as sweeteners.

The gap in health benefit claims is particularly large between all average consumers (42%) and those in SNAP-eligible households. AFFI has found several other gaps between people in SNAP-eligible households and higher-income consumers with regards to finding organic products, minimally processed foods, and finding organic products. search for “natural”.

Keeping in mind the YouGov and AFFI data, there is a key link to the creation of our archive of health determinants (aka social determinants of health, or # SDoH) — that it is important to have a refrigerator with freezer capacity to be able to store frozen foods that can provide a nutritional “health boost” for a family at home. I have raised this issue with regulated market groups in pharmaceutical and medical technology company meetings for a long time — whether they collaborate or even meet, State SNAPs are benefits for administrators. Health and food/nutrition are closely related; Even the “best” prescribed therapy will not provide optimal results for the patient’s excellent outcome if the aforementioned patient lacks a refrigerator or freezer that holds healthy foods as part of life. their daily.

On a personal note…I worked in London this week in the days leading up to Thursday the 24th, Thanksgiving Day in the USA. That evening, I will have dinner with friends (both British and American) in a restaurant. We have been forewarned that turkeys are in short supply in the UK due to a sudden high level of avian influenza, negatively impacting the supply of the poultry traditionally eaten this season and in the ceremonial tables of many families during Christmas.

While I may miss my turkey, I feel incredibly grateful at this time to be able to share these thoughts on food, health, and families here. popular health blog and do the work I do to strengthen thinking and action for better health for all healthy citizens. I wish you all a healthy, happy, and peaceful Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving season…

Be healthy….and take a page from by Michael Pollan food rules….the important things are shown here.

MP’s spell is

Eat food…not too much…mainly plants.

Well, today is a holiday….so you can break the rules a bit!

But since it’s Thanksgiving, I think rule #1 – avoid buying foods your great-grandmother won’t recognize as “food” – fits the holiday well.

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