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Fabricio Andrade is ready to take the title he thinks should belong to him at ONE Fight Night 7

As it happened, but not in the way he wanted. A light blow to the stomach broke Lineker’s cup, making him unable to continue and the match was inconclusive.

It was a disappointing end to a much-anticipated fight – and one that added fuel to an already fierce competition, one that really had bad blood and scores to deal with.

Andrade believes the three-and-a-half rounds the two spend in the ring together will have a lasting effect on his opponents and give a psychological advantage to this weekend’s bout at ONE Fight Night 7 in Bangkok.

Andrade said: “I think the fact that I came so close to the end of the game, that he was badly injured in the match and the fact that I defended all of his efforts on the ground, made the difference. on psychological factors. “He knows I’m better than him. His chances of winning this fight are if something extraordinary happens. But we know that I am the best athlete, this is my moment and I will be the champion.”

Before the first game, so much attention was paid to Lineker’s weight, Andrade didn’t expect it to be an issue this time – and planned to end things soon when they finally meet again.

“He will definitely pay more attention to this weight issue. No one likes being on time and not making weight. No one wants to look unprofessional. So I believe he will be conscious of his weight so that doesn’t happen again.

“That doesn’t interfere with anything. I’m not worried about that. If he doesn’t gain weight back, we’ll fight anyway, and I’ll knock him out.

“This fight will end in a maximum of two innings. And it will definitely end with me taking out John Lineker again.”

On a stacked card, this is an outstanding fight and not to be missed.

ONE Fight Night 7: Lineker v Andrade takes place on Saturday, February 25, 4am GST at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, Bangkok. It’s a night not to be missed, so mark your calendars, download the ONE Super App and visit watch.onefc.com now!

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