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Anal sex – a beginner’s guide – Healthista

Anal sex – whether you’re a beginner, pleasure seeker or simply curious, Sexologist Madalaine Munro debunk myths and give her advice on how to discover new things

Anal sex need not be taboo or mysterious. To spice things up or discover something new, anal sex doesn’t have to be difficult and can open up a whole new world if practiced properly in a safe environment. .

Healthista spoke to Madalaine Munro, a leading sexologist with rich experience in ancient wisdom and scientific methods to deal with trauma, connect with your sexuality, and create nurturing relationships.

On all things anal-related, Madalaine is here to offer advice and make sure you’re satisfied and safe from start to finish when it comes to do’s, don’ts and how to have sex. Anal sex is at the top of your list of pleasures.

Do – relax yourself

Check if anal sex is right for you – sometimes I find that a person may be more likely to try anal sex than their partner. So it is important to check that you are doing this for you and not your partner. If so, what is your intention behind trying it?

Long warm up – enjoy foreplay and full body pleasure before anal sex. Your anus has two sphincters, internal and external.

While you can consciously squeeze your outer sphincter, your inner sphincter is controlled by your autonomic nervous system – which means it opens unintentionally. and only opens when your body is ready. Therefore, anal sex requires good communication and mutual checks.

You cannot force anal penetration – if you do, it could lead to injury. Your internal sphincter opens when your body feels relaxed and secure enough, so I recommend taking the time to create joy and relaxation before going there.

it can be extremely calm and self-regulating

Start slowly and gently, maybe try penetrating with your fingers first and notice the sensation. It may feel unusual if you’ve never tried it and aren’t used to it, but it shouldn’t cause pain or discomfort. So if feeling either of these, stop and check if it’s right for you.

Go slowly and warm up the entire body, as well as the outside of the anus. I recommend massaging the outside of the anus first, see how it feels, and if it feels good, go inside.

The benefits of penetration and anal massage can include regulating the nervous system, and its calming effects can often be overlooked.

The internal sphincter is part of the autonomic nervous system, so massaging this muscle can have a relaxing effect. I have had clients who have found deeper regulation of the nervous system through direct anal contact in this way.

We can relate anal penetration to pleasure, but it can also be extremely calming and self-regulating.

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Do – lubricate it

With the anus, use more lubricant than you think you’ll need. The anal canal does not produce its own lubricant, so it is important to find a lubricant that feels good. There are different types of lubricants that have their benefits and limitations.

Water-based lubricants are a great all-around choice – they’re safe to use with toys, dental shields and condoms. However, they dry quite quickly so you may have to reapply more often. Since they tend to be thinner, they are easy to clean, but will drift if used in the shower.

Thicker silicone-based lubricants may be preferred and are more suitable for use in shower or bath situations. They last longer than water-based lubricants so they usually don’t need to be reapplied as often.

The anal canal does not produce its own lubricant

However, silicone-based lubricants should not be used with condoms, especially latex, as they can dissolve the condom and tear the condom. They can also damage silicone sex toys, so are only suitable for metal or glass sex toys.

Mixed lubricants, a mixture of silicone and water, can have a smoother texture than water-based lubricants that are not as difficult to remove as pure silicone. However, because they contain silicone, they still cannot be used with condoms or silicone sex toys.

With the internal sphincter controlled by the anus, it can have an unintentional sucking action, possibly pulling the toy inside. Therefore, it is important to use specialized anal toys that may have wider or flared soles for safety reasons.

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Do – wear a condom

Like vaginal sex, if you’re practicing safer sex, it’s perfectly safe to do it regularly and for a long time.

Wearing a condom is important for anal sex – the lining of the anus is thinner than the lining of the vaginal canal, which means it can be more prone to tearing and STIs can enter the bloodstream increasing the risk of transmitting STIs during anal sex compared with vaginal sex.

Going between the vagina and anus is not advisable. You can go from the vagina to the anus, but you cannot go from the anus to the vagina because there are bacteria, including E.coli types, that can pass from the anus to the vagina and urethra.

it can tear more easily and sexually transmitted diseases can enter the bloodstream

If you want to switch, then you’ll need to use a different condom after having anal sex.

There may be a tear called a fissure, because the lining of the anus is thin and prone to small tears. Stool passing through the anal canal can carry bacteria that enter the bloodstream through the tear and can cause infection.

This is not limited to anal sex and can occur as a result of constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, crohns disease, STIs, or may commonly be an undetermined cause. So, while it’s possible to get tears and infections during anal sex, it’s entirely possible in everyday life.

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Don’t – believe in myths

Myth #1 ‘Women are not as happy because they don’t have an anus’ – anal orgasm can happen to any gender. I’ve worked with women who actually find anal sex more pleasurable than vaginal sex.

Myth #2 ‘You can’t get pregnant with anal sex’ – although you cannot get pregnant during anal sex if you have anal sex without a condom and semen comes down it can enter the vagina. This is rare but should be kept in mind as part of anal care.

Myth #3 ‘It hurts’ – sex should never be painful. If you feel pain, stop and check where the pain is. If you have hemorrhoids, limit anal sex as it can make it worse.

You may feel better if you have a bowel movement first

Myth #4 ‘Do an enema before anal sex’ – I still see advice to douche before having anal sex, but I don’t recommend doing this.

The myth comes from the idea that douching can make it more hygienic, which is a misconception. Instead, they can irritate cells and produce excess sebum, which in turn can cause more dryness.

Instead, I suggest you reframe your views on anal sex and start having sex with any fears you may have. Vaginal sex can be messy and mixed with bodily fluids, and anal sex can be like that, possibly with one-off stools.

This is part of the possible risks of anal sex and we all have stool problems. You may feel better if you have a bowel movement first, and if you want to wash, wash the outside and this will help reduce the risk of fecal contamination.

Myth #5 ‘Anal sex leads to gut health problems’ – if safe sex is practiced such as using lots of lubricants, condoms, going at your own pace and clean hygiene then gut health will not be affected.

Post tips for anal sex…

You may feel the urge to go to the bathroom afterwards – this is completely normal. Going to the bathroom is the same as after vaginal sex, because there may be a movement of microorganisms from the anus toward the vaginal opening and urethra.

I recommend doing your cleaning routine together – bacteria from the anus can be very small, so incorporate cleaning into your aftercare and it can be part of the connection. your.

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